You are more than welcome to meet the dogs at my home or at the show ring, and if  you are interested then please email me at

Please my time is as valuable as yours so if you show up late to an appointment I cannot guarantee that I will be here as I am a busy person.

If your are inerested in a puppy please fill out the application below.


All my puppies are sold on non breeding contracts, if you are looking for a breeding dog then we can discuss it further does not mean I will lift the non breeding contract.


Puppy Application


Jane Mitchell

Hockley Valley, ON

519 216 7347

Puppies have arrived!

Brew and Frankie welcomed 11 babies into the world on Feb 25, 2022.  There are 4 boys ( 1 brindle and 3 solids)

and 7 girls (2 apricots and 5 brindles).  This litter is spoken for so if your interested in a puppy from the fall litter please fill out the application below.


Updates on the puppy pictures regularly