Greiner Hall Brutus

Greiner Hall Neo

Greiner Hall Eleanor

Greiner Hall Zoe

Greiner Hall Nicholas

CH Valley View's Sally Bear All

CH LazyDPretty In Pink At Jadem

CH LazyD Feel The Power Of Maximus

Ch Madigans Doc Holiday

CH LazyDironclad Chantilly Lace

CH LazyD Mtnside The Beat Goes ON

CH Crosroad Pride Stroke O Luck

CH Mtnside's Genesis of Lazy D

Ivory's Jack of all Trades

Ivory's Sabien of Lazy D

Ivory's Lochness Monster

Stonehaven Playin A Stacked Deck

Zhocko Lebeau

Zha Zha Glenor

CH. Beowulfs Curious Georgia of Nottinghill

Monkey in her final year won Award of Merit and Best Veteran at the 2019 MCOA US National Championships.

Ch Beowulfs Da Vinci's Code